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Well this is embarrassing 

One single entry for the entirety of 2013! And no heraldic greeting of the new year? (2014).

Will fix that imminently with my next entry. Promising a round-up of the dolly year (Blythe conventions in Barcelona and New York) and an update of the familia.


Good day to you 2013!

Well hello there new year. I haven't greeted January with quite the same level of enthusiasm in a long time and that is because this year feels so full of possibilities! I'm bursting with ideas and ambitions and this year is all about thinking and then DOING.



6 months, 3 Blythe Conventions later...

Hello 2013! I owe you a blog-update!

This poor starving blog is simply one of the many social media mouths I have to feed. All the usual suspects, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and the dreaded F-word (Facebook) all have morsels thrown at them on a daily basis, but my nearly 4 year old Squarespace blog barely gets a look-in which is appalling given I have a Squarespace app on my mobile.

So apologies to my blog and to anyone who takes the time to read it!

Let's get this party started with some old but worthy news:

BLYTHECON EUROPE 2012 in Berlin! Undoubtedly my favourite of every Blythe Convention I have been to. Why? It was a perfect location, in a perfect city with a grand mix of attendees and extremely well run.

Lounging Linda at Blythecon Europe 2012M for Monkey at Blythecon Europe 2012

Poupée Mécanique at Blythecon Europe 2012Waiting for the raffle announcementsAnd then of course there is the main reason we go to Blythe Conventions: the people. It's just like one giant dolly meet seeing all your favourite people that you've known online for years, in person.

Me and she of Dollette & Parasol Doll fame and one of my fave dolly pals from across the Atlantic: Miss @keyinherpocket More fave dolly peeps: @mformonkey and Mr Poupée MécaniqueThe very awesome @whitefridaynight (lovely to meet you!) and fellow ad-girl!Tibiloo of the exquisite dolly taste gone slightly mad with über talented Hola Gominola and the very lovely Mitsubish


Next up is BLYTHECON UK 2012 in Manchester. Another lovely event full of terrific UK dolly collectors. Kudos to Samantha Holland and the team who put this event together.

Lounging Linda at Blythecon UK 2012 in ManchesterThe lovely @dollymixture who has since given birth to the precious cargo she was carrying in this picture. <3

Stellina's amazing diorama at BCUK 2012

Polly! at BCUK 2012

A mind blowing 3D printed Makie dollOne definite highlight for me was finally getting up close and personal with a 3D printed Makie doll. Needless to say I'm hooked and already designed, ordered and received my first Makie, but more about her in another entry.

Party people at the end of the convention: me, Momolita, Harry Skins and Leonidas

Last in the trio of events was LE JOUR B 2012 in beautiful Paris. Always an absolute pleasure to attend. Who wouldn't say no to a dolly convention in this beautiful city?

Lounging Linda at Le Jour B 2012 in Paris

MforMonkey at Le Jour B 2012Parasol Doll at Le Jour B 2012Goth Lolly style at Le Jour B 2012Stellina's diorama at Le Jour B 2012

So that rounds up 6 months worth of dolly conventions. I'm planning to be at Blythecon Europe 2013 and fingers crossed for Blythe Con New York - the big one!

Jassie out.


All sewing. All the time

It'll be another big year for my dolly couture boutique, where I'll be having stalls at 3 more Blythe Conventions (last year was Rome, Paris and London). 

First up is Blythe Con Europe in Berlin at the end of June. I'm beyond excited for this one as it's only several weeks away and I've never been to Berlin. Blythe Conventions are the perfect excuse to visit a new country as well as hook up with like-minded dolly folk. One of my favourite things is to meet people I've known online for years for the first time. It's always like meeting an old friend and this one promises to be great with some collectors attending whom I've always wanted to meet like Stellina and Chu Things, as well as meeting up with all my usual dolly friends whom I've known and loved for a long time.



 Second is BlytheCon UK in Manchester. This marks the third BlytheCon event in the UK with this one promising to be great as each year they get better and better. Here is my blog entry about BlytheCon UK  back 2010 which was my first true Blythe convention. After years of attending smaller doll meetups, the convention experience was so different and overwhelming but in a wonderful way.

For the uninitiated, here are my flickrsets from the past two BlytheCon's in the UK:

BlytheCon UK 2011 flickrset

BlytheCon UK 2010 flickrset 

 My stall at BlytheCon UK 2011

And third (fingers crossed!) Le Jour B in Paris. I say fingers crossed as no official announcement has been made for this year's event, but the minute it is, I'll be signing up as I really enjoyed last year. The organisers were so hospitable and created such a great event, not to mention the wonderful French Blythe crowd who were great to meet in person.

For a sneaky peak here is my flickrset for Le Jour B

Le Jour B stall vendors and organisers. PHOTO BY EZEKIELLE

So here is a work-in-progress sampling of what I've been creating for my BC Europe stall: I call it dolly couture as confectionary because my obsession with gold accents has led me to finding new ways to incorporate it into the my work. Gold glitter tulle and gold net layering feel like spun sugar and of course my ubiquitous use of gold lamé ribbon to trim everything feels almost good enough to eat. My aesthetic is most definitely retro, but I hope I'm bringing something new to it. 


So yes, it's all sewing, all the time, that is to say, when I'm not wearing my other hats (mummy, wife, art director and occasional half marathon runner). I often think I cram too much into my slightly mental life, but I wouldn't have it any other way.



Doing it properly

I was supremely lucky to attend a sewing workshop with the über talented Momolita.

My own sewing skillz are entirely a combination of what my mother passed on to me and what I've made up by observing the detailed construction of human-sized garments as well as adapting basic sewing patterns. It was amazing to learn from someone who has taken doll sewing to a whole new level.

Momolita's techniques for pattern templates and creating curved seams with gathers totally blew me away. I also learnt where I was going wrong on a number of my own techniques, that, while still provided an adequate finish, didn't have the super-professional finish I always strive for.

Momolita and her awesome Juki machine lugged all the way from Japan

The Love Jacket, which was probably the most difficult thing I've ever attempted has most definitely given me a renewed confidence to try harder and more complicated pieces.

Momoko, should take her workshop worldwide as I just know that everyone in the dolly community would jump at the chance to be tutored by her.